"all shoes will lose their shape, style and overall appeal"

Make the savvy choice, step into style that lasts, and upgrade your shoe care today.

Introducing Sneakerspoon - Preserving Style, And Prolong Shoe Life:
The Re-Invented Shoe Tree for All Sneaker Types

Patented design

Shoe trees re-invented

Sneakerspoon® provides a solution to preserve and extend the lifespan of your favorite shoes.

Sneakerspoon® maintains the original shape and style, preventing them from wrinkling, sagging, and losing their original appeal. It ensures that your footwear not only stays beautiful but also lasts longer, saving you money and minimize environmental footprint in shoe waste.

Sneakerspoon® is developed for all types of sneakers.

All in one

doubles as Shoe horn

Prevent damage to your collar and heel and slip them on effortlessly with our integrated shoe horn.

At home or while traveling, enjoy the comfort of well-maintained footwear every step you take.

Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing that you and your shoes always look their best.

Top 5 benefits

  1. Extend Shoe Lifespan: Prolong the life of your shoes
  2. Ease and Comfort: Effortlessly put on your shoes with the help of Sneakerspoon shoe horn
  3. Save money: Avoid discarding and replacing shoes prematurly and save money
  4. Care: Protects the shape, heels and collars, preventing damage and preserving their looks
  5. Sustainability: Reduce shoe waste and environmental impact
Going Somewhere?

Sneaker Travel Hack

Sneakerspoon® is the ultimate travel accessory for shoe enthusiasts. It's practical, ultralight, space-saving, and ensures your shoes don't get flattened and damaged in your luggage.

Making it an essential footwear travel accessory.

A Must-Have for everyone who cares about shoe care

Shoe Shaping Expertise, Unmatched Durability, Experience the Difference and let's reshape the future together!

Designed & Manufactured in The Netherlands