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The first shoe trees were designed for stretching leather boots and shoes. Although shoe design and shapes evolved, the shoe tensioners have roughly remained the same. The traditional shoe tensioners, tension by stretching the shoe from the heel to the toe box. Hereby, they potentially damage both the lining and the midsole cushioning. In addition, the tensioners potentially put too much stress on the materials and push the toe box downwards.

The main reason why you'd want to use Sneakerspoon is that they're critical in maintaining your shoe's overall condition. Over time, shoes will lose their shape, and no matter how careful you walk or wear them. Gravity, moisture, and time will take their toll on your shoes. This can be very detrimental, especially if you've got an expensive pair of shoes that you intend on using for years and years. And let's be honest, it makes you look good too ;-)

Yes and NO. It depends on your expectations and how far you are willing to sacrifice your comfort. They prevent your foot from flexing, bring discomfort and make you walk silly. Sneaker shields follow the toe box tip where the creases run at the end of the eye stay. So, in short, yes, it helps a bit, but in the long run, it will crease the shoe a the mid-section of the toe box and uhh yeah you walk like a duck ;-)

When buying new sneakers, insert the Sneakerspoon to preserve the Sneaker design and store them dry. Wearing will bring creases. Sneakerspoon will minimize the creasing and maintain its original shape so you can rock your collection longer and better