our story

Inspired by a passion for footwear, a commitment to style, and a dedication to sustainability. Our team draws its inspiration from the desire to help people preserve the shape and appeal of their favorite sneaker.

The brand's mission is to deliver a product that elevates both individual style, global sustainability and making it fun and easy along the way.

We gained some recognition lately and where finalist in both the IF and the RedDot awards!


Research & development

We continuously research the shoe care industry. Sneaker designs, materials and specific requirements to keeping any sneaker in its original shape minimizing damage to materials, lining and extending a sneakers' lifetime.

Key aspects of our product development strategy are collaborative efforts with top industrial designers, material specialists.

We have a user-centric design and commitment to innovation and quality at heart.

The machine that makes sneakerspoon
Manufactured in The Netherlands

our vision

Our vision is to become a global leader in redefining and advancing the culture of shoe care.

Through continuous innovation, cutting-edge design, and a commitment to excellence, With Sneakerspoon® we aim to set new standards in the industry and inspire a community of shoe enthusiasts who prioritize both fashion, style and minimize the eco- footprint along the way.

Saving the planet one shoe at a time

our green statement

"66% of sneakers are discarded prematurely because of the loss of shape, damage and overal appeal"

Let us make a difference together minimizing that waste and make you look good doing it!

At our company we have made sustainability one of our core values. From design, our low waste packaging to our manufacturing and distribution processes. In every step we aim to minimize our ecological footprint.

Marvel groot with his sneakers