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This is Sneakerspoon - Sneakerspoon®

Sneakerspoon, a journey that started in 2019

As sneaker enthusiasts, we began to search the market for solutions to prevent wear and tear on our shoes. One of us was into soccer and detested the fact that his shoes dried out, becoming wrinkled and sagged. Another of us here loves to show off his exclusive sneakers and wants to keep the toe box from deforming.

Walking from sneaker fair to fair, visiting retailers, and browsing online stores, we went on a shopping spree for everything related to sneaker care. But to our surprise, nothing really did the trick. However some products were just okay, but only at best. So in conclusion, I guess you could say we were shopping for a solution in all the wrong places!

The traditional shoe tensioners, often made of wood or plastic material, did not work; and the ones with springs were a real heel-breaker - punching a belly into the back and stretching out the quarter and lining. The shields we tried had us waddling like ducks and feeling downright uncomfortable. "You get used to the discomfort," one of us quipped, "it's like my feet are dying...again!" Hower, as the Dutch would say, "It's like putting the horse behind the cart!

Whats next?

Design, test, tweak, engineer, tweak, test again, make, test again, deliver…
In short, after 2.5 years of R&D, during which we experimented with various materials and shapes, and dedicated ourselves to getting every detail right. We can confidently say that "We cracked the code!" However our final design looks nothing like our original drawings, we're incredibly proud of what we've accomplished.

Ready to be wowed?
Sneakerspoon is here to revolutionize the sneaker game! This one-stop solution combines all the features you need to keep your kicks looking fresh. You're covered by Sneakerspoon to ensure that your sneakers will no longer sag, wrinkle, or deform.
And the best part? It works like a charm! Just wait and see for yourself.
Are you one of the lucky ones to snag a Sneakerspoon? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Above all, your feedback fuels our innovation. So let us know how we're doing.
Stay true, stay Sneakerspoon!

The Sneakerheads of Sneakerspoon

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